About Andrea Bailey & Lightbox

Andrea Bailey

I’m here to help you grow your community and impact.

What I bring to the table is the ability to identify simple, effective, and authentic ways of connecting with the people you’d love to serve – clients, patients, allies, and collaborators. Because an engaged community that understands and appreciates what you do is what will sustain your practice long term.

It’s based on a very straightforward definition of marketing: to take what you have to offer to the marketplace, where you can meet your community, spark connections, educate, keep in touch, listen, cultivate relationships, and gain insights.

What you don’t need to make that happen: more information.

You’re intelligent and literate, and you’ve got the internet and a library card – so really, you can look up best practices, case studies, success stories, lists of tips, articles, and online courses to ad infinitum.

What I’d love to help you figure out is this:

Out of that deluge of tools and avenues, which ones make sense for your practice? What is actually worth your time, energy, and money?

How can you leverage your strengths in marketing rather than struggle your way up a steep learning curve?

How can you approach marketing in a way that feels right to you, and that is aligned with the way you want to do business and the kind of relationships you want to cultivate around it?

What obstacles need to be resolved, so you can move forward with your marketing plan?

Clarity, alignment, action, impact.

I’ve seen that happen so many times: practitioners who straight up told me they hated marketing in the intake questionnaire (go ahead, I can handle it:), and three sessions later said they loved the plan we had created together and were excited to continue marketing. Because it worked for them.

When you find a marketing approach that feels true to who you are, you get over whenever level of overwhelm or aversion you experience, and you are a million times more likely to take action with confidence, and ease. And taking action – hosting the talk, reaching out, following up, launching your program – is how you move toward your vision for your practice and your community.

How we can connect and collaborate:

As of spring 2017, I am not taking on new clients. I hope you’ll connect with someone else who will do stellar work for you!

The Why of My Work.

I believe holistic healthcare is the future of medicine, and I’m on a mission to amplify that message in the conversation about healthcare that is finally happening right now.

I find this is a seriously exciting time, ripe with opportunities for people like you who already have a deep understanding of so many threads that are just beginning to surface on a large scale: preventative care, patient engagement, mind-body connections, the role of our social and natural environment, and many more.

We need decision makers, stakeholders, and community members to hear about your work, about the enormous potential of your medicine, and about the amazing impact you are already having every day.

Let’s shed some light on our work.


Feedback from my community:

anita stryker“I booked my sessions with Andrea because I wanted direction in running and expanding my business. I wanted to alleviate the stress I felt from lack of focus.

In our work together, I realized that I am actually really good at marketing and found the most effective tools for myself. I feel more organized, my business has a strong foundation, and my messaging represents what I actually offer. I am attracting more clients and keeping them. My business has multiplied since working with Andrea, and everything about the way my business is run feels more professional.” – Anita Stryker, Body-Led Singing & Voice Instructor

kimi marin yoga

“I used to be clueless, and shy, about marketing. Andrea has been vital in getting my yoga business going by guiding me through the process of developing my brand and my network.

Not only has she been an extraordinary help for my business, but also for my confidence. Now I keep thinking of new and different ways I would like to expand. I highly recommend her!” ~ Kimi Marin, yoga teacher~

Ullika Pankratz UP Design Lounge

“When we first sat down for the initial interview Andrea asked me great questions. It was so easy to explain to her what I want the website to say, how I wanted to sound, who I wanted to speak to etc. She enabled me to talk freely and I felt listed to and I knew I was in good hands.

The outcome is amazing and exactly what I was looking for. Andrea was able to find the essence of who I am and what I do as interior design and consultant and put it into words. She wrote every page with the sound of my voice and personality. My previous website was the total opposite I never quite felt it was mine.

The process was so easy and enjoyable, which is something I had not experienced, when it comes to content writing. Andrea is so easy to work with she is professional in all aspects, fun and an amazing listener.

I was able to launch my new website in less then 4 weeks and I am already looking into collaborating with Andrea on another project for my business.

Thank you so much Andrea for making this a really enjoyable, fun and successful project.”

Ullika Pankratz, UP Design Lounge

“As someone who had the pleasure of working with Andrea, I know first hand how her ability to be true to her own rhythms helps her clients discover theirs. It is amazing how she is able to guide you in articulating your hopes, desires and vision for your own practice.” ~ Teri, holistic nutritionist

“As a massage therapist, connecting with my clients in a professional but personal way is very important to me. Andrea at Lightbox helped me create unique, attractive email campaigns that effectively reach out to people with specials, news and helpful information.

I feel so much more capable because of her clear instruction, and now I am able to manage this area of my business on my own!
I would highly recommend her to anyone in the healing profession who wants to keep client awareness up, without seeming overbearing or impersonal.” ~ Rachel, LMT


p.s.: A few random things about me:

1. I love conversations that bring together forward-thinking people around ancient topics.

2. I have traveled, lived, and worked in 22 countries.

3. I am awful at drawing. Everything I draw looks like jellyfish.

4. My Myers-Briggs is INTJ.