Action is what makes the difference.

Information can be paralyzing. Not one bit of information, but the endless supply of resources, pieces of advice, case studies, scripts, tools, how-to’s, top five lists, and so on.

Of course, some of that information is super helpful, even necessary. But here’s the thing:

imperfect action trumps comprehensive research, all the time.

I have this on my mind because in a recent conversation, a client told me that she has been researching different website platforms for about nine months now. And the more she realized just how much there is to know about websites, the less sure she felt about which one to choose. Squarespace or Wix or WordPress or Weebly?

And then of course other topics showed up in her research. The importance of her URL. Contact forms vs. listing your contact information. Search engine optimization. What to say on your About page. Are seven pages too many, or too few?

What if she had simply picked any one of these platforms and set up a basic site?

Perfectionists, I hear you. That’s not an easy choice to make. But give me a chance to show you that it’s worth it:

1. Action brings a level of insight that you cannot get from research alone.

For example, it’s the only way to find out if YOU find the backend of the website platform intuitive, or if YOU like what you can create with it.

2. Your marketing will always evolve along with your practice.

For example, at some point you will have more funds to invest in making your website truly awesome, or perhaps you change from solo practitioner to clinic or collective and need to reflect that on your website.

One method to help keep yourself from overwhelm is to give yourself a set amount of research time. Maybe it’s a weekend, or a couple of weeks, or the summer. And then you commit to taking action with what you’ve found out within that time frame.

And another approach is to get out of your own head and have a conversation with other people whose opinion and insights might help you figure this out. Clients, for example – or potential clients if you haven’t officially opened your doors yet – or a mentor, or peers.

And of course I’d be delighted to help you, too, if you’ve got a decision to make.

You can always book a free call with me here, or bring your options to the Spring Lightning Round, here in Portland or online. Seriously. That’s what I’m here for.

By the way, do you find the same thing happening with YOUR clients?

(Photo by Kelly Sikkema.)

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