April Focus Wallpaper: Refresh your marketing.

Spring and fresh just go together.

This time of year, fresh is ubiquitous. It’s in the air, the pea shoots, the colors of spring flowers. Which makes spring a perfect time to also freshen up your marketing routine.

Ready to run with the theme? Download the April Focus Wallpaper and go forth! If you want some more specific clues, read on.

Why marketing can go stale.

Two reasons: you and your business change, and the environment changes. (Hector Cuevas has some smart things to say about the latter.) If your marketing doesn’t evolve along with it, it feels old, stale, and stuck.

Where it manifests.

Now, where should you look to check if your marketing needs some spring air? Here are a few good starting points: Your bio, and business or practice intro. Your website (layout and style as well as content). Your routines and tools. Your physical space. Your forms and other paperwork.

How to refresh your marketing.

It doesn’t have to be a complete design and strategy makeover. Maybe most of what you’re doing still suits you and your business well, and brings solid results. For the pieces that don’t, you might:
– Rewrite and update the copy.
– Tweak the color scheme.
– Do something surprising, out of the ordinary.
– Integrate new, up to date imagery.
– Paint a (real, virtual, or metaphorical) wall, move things around, add a center piece.
– Switch to a different medium.
– Stop or pause a marketing tactic and see if you can do just fine without. (Keyword: unclutter.)

Download your April focus wallpaper.

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Photo by Alexandre Normand.

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