Written by Andrea Bailey

6/26: CE Class in Portland, Oregon

I am excited to teach a one-day continuing education class titled Authentic Marketing for the Holistic Practitioner at the end of the month. In a nutshell, it’s about growing your client community without burnout or awkwardness. 

I’ve found it to be quite the game changer for healthcare providers who feel overwhelmed by marketing, or just plan avoid it because it feels fake. We’ll have none of that in this class. 🙂

The button below will take you to all the details, and the place where you can register, if you like. 

The essentials:
Date: Sunday, June 26, 2017
Time: 9 am – 5 pm
Place: The Wellspring School for Healing Arts (Northeast Portland)

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How to bake generosity into your pricing.

Do you want to set sustainable rates for your services and make a good living? Or do you want to be generous with your skill and expertise, even toward people who truly have a hard time affording them?

Of course the answers are yes and yes.

And while these two facets of a fulfilling practice are sometimes presented as conflicting, I find that they actually go great together. They one condition here is that you arrange them within a structure that works for you.

Let’s look at three options for baking generosity into your pricing:
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What people value about what you offer.

Number of people who lie awake at night wishing for more one-hour consultations with their nutritionist: zero.

Number of people who lie awake at night wishing they finally figured out why they wake up with puffy eyes almost every morning, or that eating was just a simple, intuitive, enjoyable part of their life, or that they didn’t feel so damn tired all the time: so many!

We value the change a tool (or service, or resource) helps us accomplish – not the tool itself.

And still, so often when we write emails, or features on our websites, or copy for a flyer, we start with the tool.

In case you are in that process, or considering rewriting what you’ve got, I wanted to offer this: start with the transformation.
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