Written by Andrea Bailey

To discount, or not to discount?

After the Authentic Marketing Spring Session I sent out a newsletter with some of the insights we shared in our conversation about discounts. Just because I’ve been getting a lot of stellar feedback on it (thank you!), I’m sharing the main portion of that newsletter here, too.
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Spring Session Recap

Saturday, late morning. Backyard studio. A little chilly but fine with hot tea and blankets. Fourteen bright and generous people, among them massage therapists, yoga teachers, social workers, a macrobiotics enthusiast, an aquaponics innovator, a dancer, a healthcare tech geek, and me.

And the conversation took off right away.
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Just launched: Barbara Beale LAc

Hey, hey! With this post, I just want to share a quick look at the latest website I designed, set up, and launched in March. Scroll down for a peek, or check out the full site at
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