Written by Andrea Bailey

Jan. 21: Online Winter Lightning Round

Just like the local Winter Lightning Round, this is a chance for you to get insights, resources, and support for any marketing projects you may have in the making right now – and also to set yourself up for more clarity and ease in 2016.
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December 11: Portland Winter Lightning Round

While often labeled as crazy, the last few weeks of the year can actually be quiet, reflective, and amazingly productive time.

I’ve found that with patients out of town or busy with family, practitioners’ schedules often open up for some well-deserved R&R, and also for the kind of big picture projects that before got pushed to the bottom of the to-do list by the less impactful but more urgent tasks.

So, let’s check in and equip you with all the clarity you need to make the most of that time.
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Me, me me! Or: What your About page is really about.

I recently had a conversation with a group of bright, dedicated, community-minded massage therapists here in Oregon, and one theme that came up a few times is the challenge of finding balance and confidence in talking about our work.

When it comes to sharing someone else’s talents and accomplishments, the words just roll off our tongues.

I hear you singing each others praises all the time, and rightfully so.

But oh man, when we set out to introduce our own work, that’s a different story. We want to share our enthusiasm, but not come across as arrogant or self-centered. We want to give all the important information, but not bore people (or ourselves), or take up too much time.
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