Written by Andrea Bailey

June 20: Portland Summer Lightning Round

The next lightning round is coming up on June 20, right before the summer solstice, and that’s about as obvious a message as it gets: half of 2015 is behind you, and there’s still a whole other half ahead. So let’s talk about what that actually means for your marketing.
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Do you hate marketing? Let’s start there.

Have you ever said or thought to yourself I hate marketing?

If so, you’re in excellent company. I hear that from holistic healthcare providers all the time.

And you know what, I’m pretty excited when I do – because it makes for a great starting point for developing your very own marketing strategy and style.

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May 21: Website Confidence! A webinar.

On May 21, Nedra Rezinas of Blue Deer Forest and I are joining forces to bring you and your fellow holistic healthcare providers a dose of website confidence.

And here’s what we mean by website confidence:

• Feeling confident about showing your website – because you know it represents you and your work well, and supports the cultivation of relationships with your current and potential clients and allies.
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