Beta test having me as your marketing adviser.


Coming September 2015: Steady marketing support.

Here’s what I’d love to do for you in this collaboration (working title: The Headlights):

Support you sustaining your marketing momentum. Which is what smoothes out the ebb and flow cycles of business – and increases the flow (of clients, appointments, revenue etc.)

Provide insights and answer to your marketing questions as they come up.

Help you make marketing-related decisions.

Offer feedback on your projects and ideas.

These last three points are essentially preventative medicine against procrastination, analysis paralysis, and decision fatigue, so you can move forward with confidence.

Which also frees up time and energy for you to focus on your patients (or, you know, to get home by five and relax).

And I’ll also deliver some actionable marketing education, with the appropriate level of depth – no information overload, no one-size-fits all generalization, and no dumbing down.

Here’s how it works:

There are two main components each month: a webinar-style class, and a one-on-one advising session.

Each webinar will explore a specific element of marketing for holistic healthcare providers. In the lineup:
• Effective & authentic websites.
• Word of mouth.
• Niching & positioning.
• Clear messaging.
• Pricing.
• Marketing planning.
• Online marketing basics.
• More!

I am planning on about 45 minutes for each webinar.

We’ll decide on the regular times once I had a chance to ask all four beta testers – but since they are going to be recorded, you’ll for sure have access to all webinars.

In the monthly advising sessions, you and I will check in, see how can apply the webinars insights, and work on what’s going on in your individual practice right now:

For example:

• Adding appointments to your schedule for the coming week.
• Bringing people to your next open house or workshop.
• Launching your new service.
• Clarifying & finetuning your messaging.
• Reviewing & improving your website.
• Setting priorities for the month ahead.
• Choosing technology to support your marketing.

I’d ask that you set aside about an hour and a half for these sessions.

Why I developed this service:

Because some of you asked for it. To have something that keeps you moving ahead and on track, that helps you adjust and expand your marketing as your business evolves, and that gives you a place to turn to with marketing questions.

What it means to be a beta tester:

It means some aspects of what you’re testing might not be 100% solid yet. Maybe it turns out the webinar platform I have in mind falls short of my expectations. Or maybe we’ll find that the topics make more sense in a different sequence.

In exchange for you being OK with those kinds of hiccups and for giving me your honest feedback, you’ll pay a lot less for the service.

I envision the price at just below $300 / month once it’s all been tested and finetuned. As a beta tester, your investment would be $95 per month.

I’d ask that you commit to it for 3 months – that’s important because the point is for this to be a way of receiving continued marketing support. After that you can decide to extend for another 3 months at the same beta tester rate, if you like what you experienced.

What will be 100% solid are the teaching and the advising. 🙂

When it’s not a good fit:

If you are navigating a major transition in your business right now, or want help with a big marketing project, let’s look at collaboration frameworks that give you more frequency and depth first.

The short & sweet application:

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