Better social media: Listening & contributing.

First things first: thank you to the rad acupuncturists, naturopaths, and massage therapists who joined me for the very first online version of my quarterly marketing support sessions. I so appreciate your bold questions, and the awesome collaborative attitude you brought to the conversation.

One of the questions that came up in the session was essentially this: How does social media fit into a marketing plan for growing a new practice?

In case this has been on your minds, too, I want to just share this one idea for your consideration:

Social media is not all about getting the word out.

It can be integrated into a cohesive plan in different ways – ways that might actually go better with your style (they do with mine).

What if your social media strategy was to listen?

You might hear what questions keep the people you’d love to serve awake at night these days, or what misconceptions they have about your field. I guarantee that even in a seemingly saturated market you’ll find unanswered questions and blind spots. And if any of those align with your strengths and your vision, they can be your inspiration for services or resources to create that position you as the solution we’ve been looking for.

What if it was to spark connections?

You could find others who serve your same niche, contribute to conversations they are starting online, and show up on their radar in a positive way – all of which makes sending that initial email suggesting you meet for tea so much easier.

What if you looked at social media as word of mouth?

A few people who are really into what you’re doing and want to share the value you have brought to their own lives with others they care about – that might be all you need for social media to be a great place to show up as a new practitioner.

Rather than stressing over your number of followers or likes, you could focus on making it easy and enjoyable for those few people to tell others about what you have to give.

What do you think – would these approaches suit you better than getting the word out?

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