Nov. 18: Mindful Marketing for LMTs

So I’ve got this marketing workshop for LMTs coming up at East West College of the Healing Arts here in Portland

Chances are, if you’re a massage therapist or even still a student, this is not the first opportunity for you to learn about marketing. There was that one business class. A couple articles in trade magazines. Facebook ads from marketing experts. Ebooks. Random friends of friends telling you that you should totally do this thing or the other.
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What story are your prices telling?

Earlier this month I hosted a conversation about communicating value for holistic healthcare providers here in Portland, and then shared a few of the insights via my newsletter. I got a lot of thoughtful, sharp, and genuine responses – which inspired me to share them with you here, too. Voilå!
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Oct. 11: Autumn Support Session

People are returning from their summer adventures with new enthusiasm for classes, workshops, retreats, and appointments happening indoors.

Some take a clue from the change of seasons to reset and refocus – and would love to have your support with that.

Others want some extra care to get ready for the various kinds of stress that sometimes come with the pre-holiday season, and the colder days here in the Pacific Northwest.

And you still have three months to act on your intentions for 2014.
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