A few things that matter now in local SEO.

Curious what makes Google serve up your website to someone searching for what you have to offer in your city?

I recently went to a seminar on SEO for local businesses hosted by Anvil Media here in Portland and got some helpful insights, and I thought I’d share the highlights with you. Here they are: Read more →

Q & A on Rebel Yogi

How do you balance your ambition to have a meaningful and substantial impact in this world with your own physical and emotional needs?

And when things veer to far toward one side of this equation, how do you get them back to center?

Earlier this spring, I was part of the Changemaker Q & A, a conversation series exploring these questions on the Rebel Yogi blog.

It’s a personal and honest conversation, and although it doesn’t have anything to do with marketing per se, I wanted to include it here because I feel it might be relevant for you as a holistic health care practitioner.

In the Q & A, I talk a bit about my own experience getting stuck in a loop of wanting to do things better, faster, more – only to push myself out of my creative and productive zone.

A first few answers

Here’s what helped chart a more sustainable course:

The single most important thing I changed was my perspective. I realized that I wasn’t overwhelmed by the work itself. Whenever I was stressed out, it was because if my interpretation of what was going in, because of expectations or fears. It dawned on me that that I had a choice to be worried/perfectionist or not, and that insight alone was super helpful.

And, as I’m sure you and many in your community have found, too, the yoga mat is a stellar training ground for letting go of stressful thought patterns. I would simply listen to my broken record during practice and it actually made me laugh after a while because I started to see so clearly that none of these thoughts had anything to do with who I am or what I’m worth.

If you’re curious to read the full conversation, you can find that here.

Meet the Rebel Yogi!

Jessica, who writes at Rebel Yogi, is completing her yoga teacher training as we speak – and already inspiring changemakers, activists, and rebels to care for themselves so they can even better care for others and continue their work for the long haul. Keep her on your radar!

{Photo by Lisa Picard on Flickr.}

Nesting Season: Time to find your niche.

The height of Spring marks the peak of nesting season for most birds on the continent. That seems like an excellent time to find just the right spot for your business in its ecosystem, too!

What is the Nesting Season session?

A dedicated one-hour Skype session to help you find, evaluate, and validate your niche, address any hesitations you may feel around committing to it, and (most importantly!) clarify how you can leverage your niche to bring more ease and success to your marketing.
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