The possibility of delegation.

OK, you already know that you could theoretically hand over some marketing projects or tasks to someone else. This post is about removing obstacles to making that kind of delegation happen in practice. So, what exactly are we talking about here:

delegat/, verb: to entrust (a task or responsibility) to another person

I can see four potential obstacles to delegating marketing tasks in that short definition, and I’d love to offer some suggestions for working with them.
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More than one audience.

What if you have more than one audience? How do you stay focused and consistent in your marketing? Would you be better off splitting off one of the branches into its own business/brand?

In case those questions are relevant to you right now, let’s look at a couple examples, and starting points for making those decisions.
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PULSE & other highlights from 2015.

Here’s what happened: Back in September, I hosted the PULSE Unconference for the very first time here in Portland. It was awesome, and thought-provoking, and reasonably imperfect, all because of the community of dedicated, forward-thinking, and all-around stellar people it brought together. People who care.
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