PULSE Innovators & collaborators: Wesley Burden

Two more days to go until PULSE means one more chance to introduce you to another innovator and collaborator you’ll meet there: Wesley Burden, a musician and LMT who fuses insights from both these areas of expertise and passion in his practice.
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PULSE Innovators & Collaborators: Rebecca Macy.

Quick note before we go straight to the conversation with counselor & yoga teacher Rebecca Macy: she is co-organizing (there’s the collaboration theme again) a local retreat on Saturday, September 19 – the day after PULSE. If you’re the type who likes to balance out a day of action and connecting with a day of grounding and focusing, look for her invitation below.

And now: please meet Rebecca Macy!
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PULSE innovators & collaborators: Anne Phillip

UPDATE! I just finished the full conversation with Anne Phillip, founder of Möbius Microfarms, and one of the brilliant people you’ll meet at PULSE.

To make space for it, the intro video about her innovative work at the intersection of sustainable development, urban farming, and food as medicine has moved further down the page.
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