Coming to Chicago & California!

If you live in Chicago or near the beautiful California coast, I’d love to meet you in person later this year. I will be in Chicago for a few days in October, and then in California for most of December.
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Nesting Season: Time to find your niche.

The height of Spring marks the peak of nesting season for most birds on the continent. That seems like an excellent time to find just the right spot for your business in its ecosystem, too!

What is the Nesting Season session?

A dedicated one-hour Skype session to help you find, evaluate, and validate your niche, address any hesitations you may feel around committing to it, and (most importantly!) clarify how you can leverage your niche to bring more ease and success to your marketing.
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Just launched: Barbara Beale LAc

Hey, hey! With this post, I just want to share a quick look at the latest website I designed, set up, and launched in March. Scroll down for a peek, or check out the full site at
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