Spring Support Session: April 5

Have you run into any roadblocks with your marketing?

Decisions to make before you can confidently move forward?

Want my eyes (and those of other smart people) on your design or plan?

All those are superb reasons to join me here in Portland on Saturday, April 5, for my Spring Support Session.

Also, if we haven’t met in person (or in any other fashion, for that matter) yet, I’d love to see that happen.

And if you’ve already worked with me or been to one of my workshops around town, come ask any follow-up questions or get feedback on your new ideas and projects.

What the Spring Support Session is all about:

Get the insights, support, expert knowledge, and fresh perspectives you need to move forward with your marketing this spring and to feel authentic in the process. Think group consulting session plus brainstorming and connecting.

It is also a way of celebrating my 2nd anniversary with Lightbox by offering a chance to get marketing support at a super affordable level, and by bringing some of the wonderful people in my community together. You really should meet each other.

Whom it’s for:

Holistic health care practitioners of all stripes. Anyone else craving an approach to marketing that truly suits their skill set and style is welcome, too.

The coordinates:

Saturday, April 5, 2014
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
at Be Nourished (3719 North Williams Avenue)

A few examples of questions and ideas from past consulting sessions

“I’ve made this flyer about the cleanse I’ll be leading in the spring and I wonder if it’s compelling or if I am missing anything.”

“Whenever I tell people what I do, their eyes glaze over. I’d love to find a way to confidently introduce my work when I meet new people.”

“I can’t get myself to finish my bio for my website and need someone else’s eyes on it.”

“I know I need to market my practice but I don’t even know where to start and how to choose from all the marketing tools and tactics out there.”

Get your ticket

{Photo by Allie_Caulfield on Flickr.}

My most loved dispatches of 2013 so far.

Looking back at the email newsletters I sent out since 2013 began, three of them stand out to me. Not just in terms of open or click rates, but in terms of emotion and ideas they evoked. In case you weren’t yet part of this when they went out, or if you want to revisit them before the year is coming to a close, I am sharing short excerpts and the links to the full archive below. And if they strike a chord with you, too, please let me know. It always makes my day to hear from you. It’s what this is all about.
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A few thoughts on health care and being a young invincible.

Just last week I contributed to a column on young invincibles’ attitudes toward health care in the Portland Business Journal. You can find the original post here, or read it below.

I was quite surprised and excited by how many conversations it started and I am sure many of you have opinions on the topic that would make for deep and enlightening conversations. Start one here, if you are so inclined, or email me at
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