Nesting Season: Time to find your niche.

The height of Spring marks the peak of nesting season for most birds on the continent. That seems like an excellent time to find just the right spot for your business in its ecosystem, too!

What is the Nesting Season session?

A dedicated one-hour Skype session to help you find, evaluate, and validate your niche, address any hesitations you may feel around committing to it, and (most importantly!) clarify how you can leverage your niche to bring more ease and success to your marketing.
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To discount, or not to discount?

After the Authentic Marketing Spring Session I sent out a newsletter with some of the insights we shared in our conversation about discounts. Just because I’ve been getting a lot of stellar feedback on it (thank you!), I’m sharing the main portion of that newsletter here, too.
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The yamas & niyamas of marketing.

What’s my dharma?

About two years ago, a yogini helped me name my defining action, the one quality I always bring to my work and to every context I enter.

I clarify.

Earlier this week, another yogini called this my dharma. I hadn’t applied that framework to my work before, but it resonates with me very much.
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