Behind the scenes: How I set priorities for each day.

A word of warning: This post is not about marketing per se. You may be able to apply the content to your marketing efforts (actually, I’d be thrilled if you did). In any case, I am just going to share a process that’s been working well for me, because I’ve had both clients and friends ask me about it. So, consider this a little behind-the-scenes and a detour into my mild obsession with productivity. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the priority map!
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April Focus Wallpaper: Refresh your marketing.

Spring and fresh just go together.

This time of year, fresh is ubiquitous. It’s in the air, the pea shoots, the colors of spring flowers. Which makes spring a perfect time to also freshen up your marketing routine.

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March Focus Wallpaper: Plant the Seeds.

This almost-past month, I gave two workshops on marketing for holistic health practitioners, and in both we talked a lot about attitude. Not to go all law-of-attraction on you, but the way you think and feel about marketing will have a big impact on how successful you will be with it – and how much fun you will have in the process. Read more →