Just launched: Dog Mountain Bakery

This post is a brief insight into one of my recent projects, and an introduction to the stellar people (and their canine companions) I got to work with.

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Just launched: Barbara Beale LAc

Hey, hey! With this post, I just want to share a quick look at the latest website I designed, set up, and launched in March. Scroll down for a peek, or check out the full site at
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Flyer design for yoga retreat in India

Recent project: The flyer design for a yoga retreat in India, led by Jennifer Oechsner, a Portland-based yoga teacher and nutritionist. We created two different versions: a full-page one to post on community boards and to have available as a PDF on her website, and a more compact half-page one to hand out. Both feature images representing the different dimensions of the retreat: nature, culture, and spirituality. The colors are bold and vibrant, and the title font has clear alignment as well as a dose of movement.