Questions to ask when your marketing isn’t going anywhere.

This post is an excerpt from my ebook Create Your Own Marketing Trail map. My idea for this part was to equip you with some questions and pointers to use when you’re not getting anywhere with your marketing and are not sure what the hold-up is.
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Three challenges in marketing for nutritionists, and how to navigate them.

Here’s the gist of this blog post: At the core of everything that makes marketing for nutritionists so challenging are two themes: information and frustration, sometimes related to each other, sometimes to other issues. The way to turn those challenges into fuel for your marketing is to shift your offers and your messaging toward transformation and customization.
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April Focus Wallpaper: Refresh your marketing.

Spring and fresh just go together.

This time of year, fresh is ubiquitous. It’s in the air, the pea shoots, the colors of spring flowers. Which makes spring a perfect time to also freshen up your marketing routine.

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