March Focus Wallpaper: Plant the Seeds.

This almost-past month, I gave two workshops on marketing for holistic health practitioners, and in both we talked a lot about attitude. Not to go all law-of-attraction on you, but the way you think and feel about marketing will have a big impact on how successful you will be with it – and how much fun you will have in the process. Read more →

February Focus Wallpaper: Possibilities.

Here’s my invitation for you for the month of February: Explore your possibilities. As with last month’s theme Ambition, you are welcome to go ahead, download the focus wallpaper, and let it spark your own original ideas and interpretations.

If you’d like some specific suggestions for connecting this theme to your marketing activities, read on! I’ve got two questions to get you started: Read more →

Motivation Activation

I just came across this motivation activation (say that out loud!) yoga sequence led by Kelly McGonigal and thought I’d share it with you – in case you could use a little extra dose of grounding and opening up before you start putting your marketing trail map into action.

(No flash player? I don’t blame you. Try watching the video on the Yoga Journal website.)

It’s a simple sequence, but I suspect there is some solid science behind it – Kelly McGonigal teaches courses on health psychology, social change, and neuroscience at Stanford University.

OK, ladies and gentlemen, get started, take action, and let me know how it’s going for you! I’m always happy to answer quick questions, give feedback, or share insights, so don’t be shy.