How to bake generosity into your pricing.

Do you want to set sustainable rates for your services and make a good living? Or do you want to be generous with your skill and expertise, even toward people who truly have a hard time affording them?

Of course the answers are yes and yes.

And while these two facets of a fulfilling practice are sometimes presented as conflicting, I find that they actually go great together. They one condition here is that you arrange them within a structure that works for you.

Let’s look at three options for baking generosity into your pricing:
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What people value about what you offer.

Number of people who lie awake at night wishing for more one-hour consultations with their nutritionist: zero.

Number of people who lie awake at night wishing they finally figured out why they wake up with puffy eyes almost every morning, or that eating was just a simple, intuitive, enjoyable part of their life, or that they didn’t feel so damn tired all the time: so many!

We value the change a tool (or service, or resource) helps us accomplish – not the tool itself.

And still, so often when we write emails, or features on our websites, or copy for a flyer, we start with the tool.

In case you are in that process, or considering rewriting what you’ve got, I wanted to offer this: start with the transformation.
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Productive distraction vs. half-assed focus.

I was in the intake conversation with my acupuncturist, a couple years ago. Me: “You know, I feel a bit restless right now. There are so many things going on, it’s exciting to see all the possibilities around me. And I’m having a really hard time focusing.” Her: “Oh, so you’re feeling Spring?”

File under duh.

In case you’re feeling Spring this year, let’s set some intentions for how we want that to impact our marketing.
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