Give & take: selling generously.

I just finished reading Give and Take by Adam Grant, and there’s one insight in his research that made me think of you.

It has to do with being real while inviting people to work with you (or buy from you).
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Receive better testimonials.

No doubt people have amazing things to say about you and your work. It’s just that sometimes the things they do say when asked for a testimonial don’t actually make a very good testimonial.

Which would be this: one that fulfills its purpose. And first and foremost, that purpose is to give people what they need to decide whether you are the right provider for them at this time.
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The possibility of delegation.

OK, you already know that you could theoretically hand over some marketing projects or tasks to someone else. This post is about removing obstacles to making that kind of delegation happen in practice. So, what exactly are we talking about here:

delegat/, verb: to entrust (a task or responsibility) to another person

I can see four potential obstacles to delegating marketing tasks in that short definition, and I’d love to offer some suggestions for working with them.
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