One revitalization strategy for stagnant marketing.

Sometimes marketing becomes stagnant. It might take just a few months, or several years, or start out that way. It feels heavy, awkward, impossible. Things aren’t moving forward, or connecting.

If that is what’s happening in your practice right now – or ever – please know that this is completely normal. It doesn’t mean you are doing marketing wrong.

And also know that there are strategies you can use to revitalize your marketing.

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July 8: Online Summer Lightning Round

You know, we’re at a really great point in the year right now for marketing planning: one half behind you, and one ahead; one for you to build upon, and one to be created. One offers insights, one possibilities.

Which is why I’d love to check in with you in the Summer Lightning Round on July 8, 10 am Pacific Time. (In case you’re new to the concept, here is what the Lightning Rounds are all about.).

Bring your marketing questions, challenges, ideas, opportunities, and vague thoughts, and get feedback, insights, and resources from me and a small group of holistic healthcare providers like yourself, so you can distill the lessons from the first half of 2015 and start the second one off strong.

It’s on the house.

Just let me know you’re in and I will send you the calendar invite and coordinates.

June 20: Portland Summer Lightning Round

The next lightning round is coming up on June 20, right before the summer solstice, and that’s about as obvious a message as it gets: half of 2015 is behind you, and there’s still a whole other half ahead. So let’s talk about what that actually means for your marketing.
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