Guest post & fall class series on marketing for nutritionists

Greetings from my own private retreat (oh yes!) in the Evergreen State!

Just today the Wellspring School for Healing Arts published my guest post with a little preview of the class series on marketing for nutritionists I will be teaching in the fall.

It’s about three profession-specific challenges holistic nutritionists often come across in their marketing efforts, plus starting point for handling them well.

If you like, you can read it here (you can also click on the thumbnail below) – plan on this taking about five minutes.

marketing for nutritionists

What are your questions about marketing for nutritionists?

If YOU are a nutritionist, I would love to hear your questions and insights on the topic.

What does marketing mean to you?

What’s challenging about marketing for you?

What’s working great (both in terms of results and the way it feels)?

What decision do you have to make next?

And what burning question can I answer for you?

Please email me, leave a comment, or shout it at me next time you see me at the farmers market.

And: thank you!

For the work you do. It matters.

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