Communicating Value: Event on Sept. 16

Aligning your numbers with your value & vision.

From many, many conversations I’ve had with massage therapists, health coaches, nutritionists, doulas, yoga therapists, and other holistic healthcare providers over the past few years, I know pricing can be a challenging part of marketing.

So, I am planning to host a conversation on communicating value here in Portland, Oregon that will make pricing come more naturally, and that helps you set prices that support your intentions – both for yourself and for the community you want to serve.

Here are the coordinates:

Tuesday, September 16th
3:30 – 5:00 pm
At the Beneficial State Bank branch in Downtown Portland (SW 11th and Washington).
Free and open to all holistic healthcare providers. Please RSVP so I know you’re coming!

Eventbrite - Communicating Value - A Conversation for Holistic Healthcare Providers

What do your prices say about your work?

Whichever price you set for your services, it communicates something about your work. Maybe your prices say: I want my services to be affordable to all, or You can expect to receive the best care, or I’m just starting out.

This event is about making sure your numbers tell the right story about your work, and support the vision you have for your practice. Just like with exercise, or nutrition, or …. swim suits, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for pricing. This is about finding the numbers that work for you.

We will shed light on practical pricing questions such as:

What information do you need to set your prices?

When do discounts make sense, and what are the pitfalls?

Is it a good idea to show your prices on your website?

How can you decipher which message your prices are sending right now?

… and whichever questions you bring to the table!

Eventbrite - Communicating Value - A Conversation for Holistic Healthcare Providers

About Beneficial State Bank

I so appreciate them offering their conference room for the event – and their business model, too: “Beneficial State Bank is a triple bottom-line, community development bank and certified B Corporation that believes money should serve people, not the other way around. So we’re building a better future with our customers by building a better banking system: Beneficial Banking.

The future we’re creating together will strengthen our local communities, improve quality of life for each of us, and be reflected in widespread gains in social equity and environmental renewal. Founded in 2007, we offer fair and transparent banking products and services to individuals, nonprofits and businesses throughout California, Oregon and Washington.”

Photo Credit: heathervescent via Compfight cc

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