Marketing Consulting for Holistic Healthcare Providers


Getting marketing support is such a wise move.

That is something that’s really important to me to tell you: there is no reason why you should have already figured this out on your own.

Just like I’m sure you are excited for your patients to seek out your guidance, I think the fact that you are checking out this page is a sign of you taking good care of your practice. Seriously. Kudos to you.

Just like in nutrition, or exercise, or… swim suits, there is no one-size fits all in marketing.

And rather than trying to squeeze your business into some cookie cutter formula, I’m all about leveraging your unique strengths and style. What matters is what works for you, and what makes sense for your vision for your practice, your current circumstances, and your community.

If you like, you can read the long version of my approach to marketing here.

Here are a couple examples of what we can accomplish together:

• Grow your practice to the next size that’s right for you.

• Connect with new patients or clients.

• Build referral relationships with allies in the field.

• Communicate what matters in a way that resonates with those you want to serve.

• Catalyze word-of-mouth for your practice.

• Set your practice apart in a crowded market.

• Create a website that represents you and your work well, helps prospective clients decide whether you are the right fit for them at this time, and guides them to take the next step and book an appointment.

• Find ways to introduce yourself and your work in person or online that resonates and sparks connection, and that feels natural. (It’s not a canned elevator pitch.)

• Get healthy marketing systems and routines in place that free up time, energy, and brain space for you.

The logistics:

For my basic consulting package, I use a super straightforward framework called the Spark Session – essentially a thorough intake, plus a in-depth, hands-on decision making and action planning session, plus specific action items, plus a follow up.

You can find all the details and request a session here.

I also offer more extensive packages and ongoing marketing advising.

If you’d like to get a sense of my style and approach, feel free to book a call with me to tell me what’s going on with your practice, what you are looking to catalyze, and what challenges are on your mind. It’s on the house, and comes with zero obligation to work with me. And who knowns, maybe I can share that one insight or resource you need to move forward within that initial call – it has happened before.

“I love your clarity. I especially love how authentic, clear and nonpushy your approach is. This is how I wish to conduct my business. This is how I wish to facilitate health.” ~ Christopher, Licensed Acupuncturist ~

“I felt like I came out of our sessions with a clear direction and charge to get moving.” ~ Teri, Nourished Roots

“Andrea has a great way of helping you express your professional, authentic voice in whatever marketing materials you are working on. I like running things by her & getting her feedback. After we work on my material together I feel confident putting it out there.” – Wynter Byrnes, LMT

anne“I like Andrea’s approach to marketing – achieve clarity, think about what you are saying from your customers’ perspective, and complete marketing tasks in seasons. For me, all of that resonates and makes sense.

The most valuable insight I got from our sessions was a change in point of view. I now have more clarity about what I really need to communicate to my customers and what matters from their perspective, and I also think about my workflow more in terms of priorities. I tend do think about all the things I need to do all at once, and it has been really helpful to approach my projects one at a time instead, keeping my priorities in mind. Andrea is great at that!

Analyzing how to best reach out to people whom I feel I have a lot to offer with my business was also extremely helpful. I don’t think of that as ‘marketing’ when we talk about it, but as connecting, which feels better and more natural to me.” – Anne Phillip, creating sustainable food systems and growing nutrient-dense microgreens at Möbius Microfarms

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for new practitioners, or students, or those who have already been in business for a while?

All of the above, and I have actually worked with practitioners at each of these stages: students realizing that they will be entrepreneurs when graduating as a newly minted ND, nutritionists figuring out how their new business will stand out in the crowd, and massage therapists exploring a new direction for their existing practice.

How will we connect for the live sessions?

I use GoToMeeting as my online video conferencing tool. It’s very straightforward – I will email you a link, and clicking that is all it takes for us to connect. And as an alternative, I also have a regular phone.

If you happen to live near Portland, Oregon and would like to get together in person, I’ll give you the coordinates of my work and meeting space in Northeast Portland.

What’s the time commitment?

I recommend you give yourself an hour for the intake questionnaire. The sessions itself are typically an hour and a half long; I’d ask that you set aside two hours just so we have some breathing room in case we need a little extra time to finish a thread in the conversation or follow a productive tangent for a while. Then you’ll need some time for the action items – those vary a lot depending on what inspired you to connect with me. And finally, you’re welcome to book a half-hour-or-so follow-up call with me to ask questions, share high fives, or check back in.

More questions? Let’s make this a conversation.