What’s great about a crowded market.

Yes, establishing or sustaining your holistic healthcare practice in a crowded market has its challenges. But [insert wise metaphor about all things containing their opposite] there are also some pretty awesome advantages that come with having many peers nearby.

Here are four that just came to mind:

Congratulations, you have a market.

Even when you take into account that the self-defined success and satisfaction levels of your fellow holistic healthcare providers may vary, the fact that they haven’t had to close shop is a good sign.

And the fact that they provide a visible presence for your modality in your community means there’s a chance for people who don’t already know and love it might come across the concept and be inspired to check it out for themselves.

So your market may even be growing, courtesy of the so-called competition.

You probably have local resources.

Meetups, associations, conferences, service providers, mentors – whenever there’s a critical mass in a community, these kinds of resources tend to manifest. Please enjoy the buffet.

Referral options abound.

Don’t want to take this patient’s insurance? Not feeling super confident treating that patient’s condition? Not connecting with that other patient’s personality? Chances are, there is another practitioner in town who would love to welcome that patient and do superb work for them.

You can be a valuable resource simply by referring that patient to them – and then focus on what suits you.

It challenges you to build an outstanding practice.

I think that’s exciting, and in the long run will make your practice more successful in any market.

When you find yourself asking why someone would come to see you specifically, or what you are especially good at, or what types of conditions, desires, people, causes, and values you really care about and want to connect with – that’s your chance to make decisions about the practice you really want to cultivate for yourself and for your community.

I’d love to hear about that.

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