Doing marketing differently: an invitation.

This is an invitation to do what you think is right, and to create what you want to see more of when it comes to marketing.

That’s not always an easy decision to make, I know. It requires a good level of confidence to take your marketing in a different direction or to try something new in the face of ubiquitous best practices and proven tactics. Like these:

You should write your blog posts as top 10 lists to make them more tweetable. You shouldn’t give away too much in your talks if you want people to then pay for your services. You should overlay inspirational quotes on pretty backgrounds and post them on your Facebook page. And so on.

The thing is, when everybody is doing marketing the same way, it all becomes a blur.

And being part of a blur is not a great option when you want to spark real connections, or help people decide whether what you have to offer is the right fit for them at this time.

It’s also worth asking whether YOUR clients appreciate lists, or whether the number of retweets is relevant to YOUR business at this time, or whether YOU want to see more inspirational quotes out there.

What matters is what makes sense for you and your community, whether that’s the popular thing right now or not.

Two good places to look for insights that will help you figure this out: your gut, and the real world.

If you’d like a challenge for the week ahead, I suggest this: trust that your own opinion and style are valid, and then share what you think is right with your community to get some actual feedback and results.

I’m curious to hear what you discover when you go your own way.

Photo Credit: nan palmero via Compfight cc

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