Just launched: Dog Mountain Bakery

This post is a brief insight into one of my recent projects, and an introduction to the stellar people (and their canine companions) I got to work with.

Turns out, holistic healthcare and nutrition are not just for the homo sapiens.

(Becca Seitz at Thrive Acupuncture has some enlightening things to say about this.)

Meet Dawn Stephens at Dog Mountain Bakery

When Dawn Stephens, a holistic health counselor and nutritionist found her dog develop skin issues a few years, she had an inkling that all those treats with unpronounceable ingredients might have something to do with it.

Armed with her in-depth knowledge of holistic nutrition, she began making her own simple treats, with just a few whole, organic ingredients that were unlikely to trigger any sensitivities. Within a few weeks her dog’s skin was looking healthy again, and he obviously loved the home-made treats.

Fast forward to today and Dawn is baking simple treats for dogs all across the Pacific Northwest with her business Dog Mountain Bakery.

The best ingredients + love.

It was a pleasure to work with her on developing a website that was just as simple as her ingredient lists: simple to navigate for her customers, and simple to update and maintain herself on the backend.

We also wanted her community to get a sense of Dawn’s love for her own three dogs, whom her and her partner often take on pretty spectacular outdoor adventures in the Pacific Northwest (we’re talking 10+ mile hikes, horse camping, and backpacking trips).

If you like, you can check it out at

I don’t often design and set up websites, but if you want my eyes on yours, or if you’d like help with taking the DIY route and creating your own (which is often a great option for newly minted practitioners), I’d absolutely love to connect. You’re always welcome to book a free call and ask me your website-related burning question.

And a reminder, inspired by Dog Mountain Bakery: get outside today!

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