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Bonfire by natalielucier
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that my approach to kickstarting your marketing is all about planting seeds and sparking connections. But of course that’s not where it ends.

Your seeds need a constant flow of water and nutrients to grow into a strong plant. Your spark can only turn into an all-night-long bonfire if you give it oxygen and something to burn.

Here is what that looks like for your marketing:

Pick a time of day when you can set aside just 15-30 minutes. Every day,* use that time to do just these four things:

1. Reach out to someone.

Maybe there is someone you admire, or someone you’d love to have as your ally, or a blog you’d be thrilled to see your business featured on, or that person you see at the coop every week… Say hi, introduce yourself, and see if you can create a spark.

2. Thank someone.

our business partner who held down the fort for you when you needed a break. The client you really enjoyed working with. The student who brought a friend to your class last week. Someone who offered a much needed dose of honest feedback. Pick up the phone, write an email, or send a tweet.

3. Touch base with someone.

Is there a client you haven’t seen in a while? Time to send out your next newsletter? Ask how your people have been doing, and give them a little update about what’s been happening in your space.

4. Write something about what you do.

This can be anything from a journal entry to a website headline or Facebook post. Practice telling people about what you do, and look for words and examples that resonate with them and with yourself.

Over the next weeks and months, watch your marketing get stronger – and easier, too.

*Yes, you may make an exception on especially crazy days. Not on averagely crazy days though.

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