February Focus Wallpaper: Possibilities.

Here’s my invitation for you for the month of February: Explore your possibilities. As with last month’s theme Ambition, you are welcome to go ahead, download the focus wallpaper, and let it spark your own original ideas and interpretations.

If you’d like some specific suggestions for connecting this theme to your marketing activities, read on! I’ve got two questions to get you started:

What marketing possibilities are out there that you haven’t explored yet?

Over the next 28 days, look and listen for marketing possibilities that might be a good fit for your style and in line with your vision. To give you just a few examples, those possibilities can show up in the shape of…

  • Marketing ideas and strategies people and businesses in totally different industries use.
  • Visual elements – colors, fonts, shapes, patterns, etc. – that resonate with you and might find their way into your brand.
  • Words, phrases, and metaphors you can use to better explain and present what you do.
  • Tools and techniques your allies, mentors, or friends are excited about.

I guarantee, once you start dedicating some brain space and attention to it, you’ll start seeing possibilities everywhere. For now write them all down, without censoring or limiting your collection. We’ll sort through it next month.

What would it take to make the impossible possible?

If there is anything marketing-related you have always considered impossible, seriously, wholeheartedly think about what it would take to make it possible.

Maybe you’ve been thinking that you can’t just email that practitioner you admire and ask if you could collaborate with her on a project.

Or maybe you thought there’s no way this awesome organization would want to bring you in for a workshop.

Or that you’re no good at writing and therefore you can’t contribute to blogs or magazines.


This month, get super clear on what gap you’d need to bridge. Of course not everything is going to turn out to be possible or even a good idea, but the point is to get rid of assumptions. And who knows, maybe there is no real gap at all and you just need to get your sh*t together and write that email.

Download your February wallpaper

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Photo by CapnPiperon Flickr.


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