Nominate someone for a free ticket to PULSE!

Do you know someone doing innovative, collaborative work in the field of holistic and integrative healthcare?

Someone you think would be awesome to have as part of the conversation at PULSE?

Someone whose work deserves a dose of visibility and support?

Please let me know.

I am planning to give away two tickets to PULSE, and I would love to collaborate with you on finding the people to receive them.

Your part is quite straightforward:

Nominate someone by leaving a comment below, including their name and your reason why they should get a free ticket to PULSE.

And mine is, too: I will randomly pick two nominees by September 4, 2015.

Just two more short notes: One, I personally think it would be great for those tickets to go to someone for whom the cost might be a barrier, but I won’t scrutinize anyone’s bank accounts.

And two, this is the one time this year I am asking you to share my blog post. Could you please? I would love for others in this community to also have the chance to hear about this opportunity.

Thank you, and I cannot wait to meet everyone!

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