Do you hate marketing? Let’s start there.

Have you ever said or thought to yourself I hate marketing?

If so, you’re in excellent company. I hear that from holistic healthcare providers all the time.

And you know what, I’m pretty excited when I do – because it makes for a great starting point for developing your very own marketing strategy and style.

Cue the lotus flower metaphor: something delightful coming from the mud underneath. So, let’s start by examining the muddy parts:

What exactly is it that you dislike about marketing?

Perhaps you resonate with some of these classics:

It feels so awkward to tout my own horn – I don’t at all enjoy being salesy.

It’s overwhelming – too many tools, too much advice, and too much noise.

I don’t want to bother and interrupt people all the time.

It’s frustrating when I put myself out there and just hear crickets.

All completely valid objections. I don’t want to do or experience any of that either. But, seriously:

Your marketing doesn’t have to look, sound, and feel like the kind of marketing that annoys you.

If marketing is about making what you have to offer accessible, about connecting, educating, listening, and cultivating relationships, you can choose to make that happen in whatever way feels most aligned with your values, your strengths, and your personality.

You can do this differently, in your own way.

Don’t want to constantly sing your own praises? Excellent. Let’s make this about your work, why it matters, and what it can do for others.

Overwhelmed by all the options out there? Take that as your cue to focus on just two marketing avenues, so you get out of analysis paralysis and take action with confidence and ease.

Not the type to blast out your message every chance you get? Good for you (and everyone else). How can you instead create opportunities for people to find out about your work when it’s the right time for them?

Feel like you’re wasting your time and energy? Your very next step is to identify the marketing avenues that actually work for you and your community.

How can what you dislike about marketing inspire you to market differently?

I’d love to hear what comes up for you. And if you want to explore those muddy depth together, or see how you can use what you find to create your very own delightful marketing style, I’m on your team.

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