Healthy Systems & Routines

If I had to choose a theme for the month, it would be getting organized. It’s been coming up in almost every consulting session and at both Lightning Rounds I’ve been hosting this month.

I think it has to do with the motivation and energy around goal setting that happened at the beginning of the year. Quite a few of the stellar people I am working with right now have set pretty exciting ambitious intentions for their practices for 2015, from creating new original and much needed programs or services to increasing their income by serving more clients or integrating a new way of delivering their work into their practice.

The thing is, the time and energy for those new endeavors have to come from somewhere.

And since my clients aren’t typically spending much of their days sitting on their rears and eating bonbons, it’s not that obvious how to make space on their agendas.

One of the best ways I’ve found to free up time and energy is to get organized.

Which is: to build systems and routines that support your work and make sure you don’t spend a lot of time or energy in these three areas:

– Decision making
– Remembering tasks
– Worrying about tasks getting done in time

Decision making is of course super important – we’re not looking to eliminate that (#recipefordisaster), but what’s exhausting is to decide what to do next every time you’ve completed a task. Much nicer: to have a plan made for the day, week, or month that you can trust, and simply follow it.

Starting point: Intake & Checklist

In my last email dispatch, I outlined a way to get started on improving the health of your systems and routines – essentially an intake process and a checklist. You can find that here, if you like.

And if you want to work more on this together, see if you can join the next Lightning Round in April – it’s on the house.

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