How do you feel about money?

How do you feel about money?

Whatever your answer, it probably colors the way you deal with money in your business. I’ve experienced that truth in my own business, and I’ve worked on and through it with many clients. And just being aware of their money mindset has often helped them get unstuck and move forward with growing and sustaining their businesses.

How your money mindset shows up at work

If you want to begin to uncover how your thoughts, beliefs and feelings about money show up in your business, here are a few places to look:

Your rates. Are they in line with what other practitioners in your area have set? Are yours on the lower end of the spectrum?

Your materials. Do they list your prices? Why, or why not?

Client conversations. At what point do you talk with your clients about paying you? How does that conversation usually go?

Payment process. Do you get paid when you begin work, a while into it, and/or upon completion? Do you usually get paid right on time? Could you make it any faster or easier for your clients to pay you?

Your emotional states. Do you feel valued and appreciated in your professional role? Do you enjoy the ability to be generous and give freely when your beliefs call for it? Are you optimistic about the future of your business?

With all these, it can be eye-opening to inquire with yourself why you made the decisions you made.

A few mantras to consider

These are all insights from client conversations and workshops that stuck with me. Feel free to try them on and see which ones resonate, and which ones ruffle your feathers a bit (those might be the one to keep).

Your rates are not the value of your work, or your own worth. Health is priceless. And you are priceless.

Your client community needs you to have a sustainable income, so you can be around to support them for years to come.

There is no right price. You get to choose what your prices are, and they are right if (1) your clients gladly pay them and (2) they sustain your business.

Work should be fulfilling. Enjoying what you do and earning a good living from it are not a contradiction.

The more stable you are financially, the more generous you can afford to be.

How much?

Want to review your prices with me? Not sure how to present them? I’d love to work with you on that.

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