How do you stay on track?

Path by Hockadilly - Staying on Track

So you have some marketing goals for the summer. Maybe even a marketing plan (yeah!), or at least a list of a couple specific actions you want to take. How do you make sure you’ll stay on track and be successful? Here are two simple ideas:

1. Schedule DIY check-ins.

Use a tool you already like and are familiar with to schedule regular check-ins with yourself – your Google calendar, your planner, Highrise, a reminder on your phone, or your wall calendar. Plan for 30-45 uninterrupted minutes.

How often? From my experience, bi-weekly is the sweet spot – but of course you can experiment with the frequency. During the check-in, answer these four questions for yourself:

– What have I accomplished?
– What fell off the radar?
– Do I need to adjust my plan to make room for new goals and priorities?
– What goals will I focus on for the next two weeks – and what do I need to reach them?

2. Find an ally.

I can guarantee you, you’re not the only one struggling with the temptation of detours and distractions (you probably already knew that).

Find someone who is also pursuing one or more goals this summer, and support each other. You might send each other quick check-in texts or emails, share resources and techniques you find helpful, listen and bounce ideas off each other, cheer each other on, and also remind each other that the sky won’t crash on you if that newsletter goes out a week later than planned.

Since we’re talking about sharing resources, here is one I love: Zen Habits, Leo Babauta’s blog on motivation, simplicity, cultivating positive habits, and more.

I’m curious to hear what works for you.

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