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I just wrote down the ingredients of my egg sandwich in my food journal (sprouted grain English muffin, duck egg, avocado, sweet potato, greens, red onion, sour cream), and had this stroke of insight: before you can improve, you need to know where you are. Yep, not incredibly original, but powerful. There is a reason this food journal thing is so popular among nutritionists – it is simple enough, and it just works. It reveals information and patterns you maybe knew at some level, but didn’t see clearly (or maybe pushed into the blind spot). How about we take that same tool for marketing, too?

Day 1-4: Journaling. Day 5: Insights.

Here are your instructions: For the next four or more days, keep a piece of paper (or something classier or more techy) near your work space. Every night, note what you did to market your practice, how much time you spent on it, and how you felt when you were done. Energized? Excited? Overwhelmed? Frustrated?

On day 5, look at what you’ve got. What marketing activities seem to go well with your personality and style? Which ones do you need help with? And which ones are just a pain in the butt and maybe not even not worth doing?

Also, look at the amount of time and energy you invested. Are you happy with it? Do you have an inkling that you’d feel better if it was less?

Marketing Journal Confidential: Email me!

If you’re not sure what to make of your patterns, I’d love to help out. Send me your journal and I’ll do my very best to uncover the hidden gems of insight!

Vice versa, if you have any suggestions on how to make my egg sandwich any more awesome, please spill them!

p.s. That photo shows my typical breakfast during my stay Iceland (delicious coffee not pictured) – not quite the shape of an egg sandwich, but comparably awesome.


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