Jan. 22: Group consulting session, on the house.

Update: The next online Lightning Round is on the calendar for Thursday, April 2. There are 7 spots available. If you’d like one of those to be yours, let me know and I’ll send the details your way.

Please join me for the first quarterly online Lightning Round of 2015! Here’s how that works:

Every quarter, I host a Google Hangout for you to get insights and support from me and six other holistic healthcare providers. You can bring any questions, projects, challenges, or ideas that are on your mind right now, share your own aha moments and accomplishments, or just listen in.

Maybe you’ve seen that I host similar in-person get-togethers here in Portland – this is the same concept, made location independent.

This first online Lightning Round will be on Thursday, January 22, at 10 am Pacific Time. If you’d like to join, please send me a quick note via my contact form here, and then I will be in touch to confirm the details and make sure you know how to get on the Hangout.

Would love to see you there!

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