July 17: Group consulting session in Portland

A summer evening. A backyard studio in North Portland. A small group of smart, genuine people. And a ton of authentic, effective, sleaze-free tools and insights to help you get your marketing re-energized, simplified, unstuck, or back on track.

Come bring your unfinished flyers, website troubles, vague ideas, almost-right titles for your new program or other questions and get the clarity and support you need to move forward.

Seriously, I’d love to see you there. The Spring Session was such a great experience, with everyone being so open to sharing their candid opinions and also the lessons they learned in their own practice; I can’t wait for this next round.

You can get your ticket on Eventbrite or through the simple form below; sliding scale starts at $7. There are only six spots left, so if you are thinking about joining in this time, I’d say get yours now.

Of course, feel free to email me with any questions you may have. Can’t wait to see you!

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