Keep your message out of overcrowded spaces.

This blog post is inspired by peanut bags, interior design, and meditation. Here it goes:

I recently read about a company advertising on the paper bags used by peanut vendors in New York. I’ve never seen a peanut vendor here in Portland, but I guess it’s a category over there. Or I’m not in the local peanut scene. Anyway, it’s brilliant, because this company’s message had that space all to itself.

On the other end of the spectrum, almost every day I land on one or more websites with two dozen banner ads, animated gifs, pop-ups, and so on. Whatever interesting, valuable message might want to catch my attention in that environment – good luck.

Human vision pays attention to things that stand out, that are unique, solo on a stage. Think “center piece” in interior design. Whatever you want to be seen as special, important, and valued goes into a space with as little clutter as possible.

And, as I just again (!) realized during a course on becoming more present in your everyday life, human minds are easily distracted. By that other gif to the left of your ad, for example.

So, where can you carve out some quite, uncrowded space for your message? Not secluded, where nobody sees it, but not overwhelmed by the sheer volume of other messages.

(Photo by Lhampster on Flickr.)

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