My most loved dispatches of 2013 so far.

Looking back at the email newsletters I sent out since 2013 began, three of them stand out to me. Not just in terms of open or click rates, but in terms of emotion and ideas they evoked. In case you weren’t yet part of this when they went out, or if you want to revisit them before the year is coming to a close, I am sharing short excerpts and the links to the full archive below. And if they strike a chord with you, too, please let me know. It always makes my day to hear from you. It’s what this is all about.

1. Transformation

The essence: Information is ubiquitous these days. What’s valuable now is transformation.

A few favorite lines: “You can still be super helpful as a source of quality, trusted, and actionable information for your community. But don’t make that your main marketing message. Instead, offer your services as a sherpa, cocoon, or catalyst, someone who can help people navigate information, find the relevant pieces, provide a space for them, and turn them into action. It will transform your marketing.”

Read the full dispatch here.

2. Make your place.

The essence: Ullika Pankratz of UP Design Lounge has some inspiring things to say about interior design as a low-key marketing strategy.

A few favorite lines: “How you choose, furnish, arrange, and adorn your space is a form of communication and positioning. It says something about your vision, your approach, and yourself as a practitioner. It can also shape the experience your clients have during their time with you, set you apart and inspire conversation. All great fuel for word of mouth.”

Find the full archive here.

3. Detours vs. Direct Routes

The eessence: We often take detours because the direct route is more intimidating. B

A few favorite lines: “When you define marketing as communicating and connecting, it really makes sense to approach it in a straightforward, transparent, and direct way. And just like in your electric vehicle or on your single-speed bike, the direct route can save you resources: your time, your energy, and money, too.”

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(Photo by Patrick Gage on Flickr.)

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