March Focus Wallpaper: Plant the Seeds.

This almost-past month, I gave two workshops on marketing for holistic health practitioners, and in both we talked a lot about attitude. Not to go all law-of-attraction on you, but the way you think and feel about marketing will have a big impact on how successful you will be with it – and how much fun you will have in the process.

So, my invitation for you this month is to look at marketing as planting seeds. As always, you can stop reading here, download your wallpaper, and let it inspire your own interpretation.

If you are up for more specific suggestions for connecting this month’s theme to your marketing activities, I’m happy to deliver.


Planting seeds is a very simple, almost humble activity. You place the seeds in the earth. That’s about it. Your everyday marketing activities can be just as simple. You check in with a patient you haven’t seen in a while. You put your sandwich board out. You hand a new client a nice welcome pack. Seed, seed, and seed.

Trust and care.

Planting seeds works great when you combine equal parts trust, and care. You trust that the seed will eventually sprout and turn into a delicious beet or squash. You can’t force it, or rush it through its natural process. But you can help it along by providing nutrients, water, and a little love.

Similarly, you can’t make anyone get acupuncture, or do a cleanse, or eat kale. What you can do is create an inviting environment, provide education and encouragement, and give the relationship time.


Sometimes you plant a seed and can’t exactly predict what it’s going to become. Maybe it’s an herb, maybe just a weed. The only way to find out is to plant it and let it grow.

In the marketing realm, you often won’t be able to exactly predict the results from your actions. You’re dealing with human beings, after all. Maybe someone you connected with doesn’t become your client, but she refers people to you, or introduces you to an ally, or otherwise helps your practice grow. Or maybe you were just expecting a one-time appointment, but get to enjoy the unfolding of a long-term relationship.

If you’ve had a chance to collect ideas for marketing possibilities in February, go through your list, pick two or three, and plant the appropriate seeds. Then add trust, care, and time this month.

Download your March focus wallpaper.

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