If you feel a little overwhelmed by marketing right now, this is for you.

Marketing Matchbox(It’s on the house.)

Many of the holistic healthcare providers I’ve worked with were initially overwhelmed by the same things:

• Too damn many marketing to-do items to keep track of, let alone act on.

• Lack of clarity about which marketing tools are worth their attention and a good fit for them and their business, right now.

• An aversion to the kind of bad marketing that has been annoying them for decades, and no clear vision of how to approach it in a way that actually suits their own style.

andrea bailey

The good news

Every single one of my clients had an aha moment once we shed some light on those overwhelm factors, and it didn’t take a rocket science degree to identify their next step (or a cushy trust fund to implement it).

All it took was a set of small but powerful tools that lit up the shortcut from overwhelm to clarity: illuminating questions and insights that have the potential to spark a serious transformation.

So, that’s what I’ve packed into the Marketing Matchbox.

You can always refer back to the Marketing Matchbox to…

• Free up time, energy, brain space and resources.

• Get a dose of clarity and confidence about your immediate next step for your marketing.

I’ve kept it short and to the point, so five to ten minutes is probably all you need to see a little clearer.

What people said about the Marketing Matchbox:

“Very cool! I know this will help a lot of holistic biz owners. It made me feel hopeful, inspired me to re-organize my to-do list, and is very easy to follow and I really appreciate that.”

“I really liked the marketing matchbox! It is very easy to use and gives manageable steps, which is really helpful if someone doesn’t know where to start.”

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