May Focus Wallpaper: Grow

This month, look to bamboo for inspiration.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. The planet turns around, and when it’s back where it started, some bamboo shoots are almost forty inches closer to the sky.

Since May is the height of spring and everything around you is growing and blossoming, my invitation for this month is for you to aim for growth in your marketing.

Ready to run with the theme? Download the May Focus Wallpaper and go forth! If you want some more specific clues, read on.

Grow your community, and/or your skills.

There are two elements I suggest you tend to this month: your community or platform, and your marketing skill set. To grow the former, you might want to…
– Look for organizations, individuals, and groups that you could support or collaborate with and reach out.
– Get involved with a group or project outside your usual stomping grounds.
– Join a new conversation, in person or online.
– Reconnect with people or organizations you haven’t been in touch with for a while.
– Focus on inspiring word of mouth among your existing community.
– Grow your email list.

For the latter, how about you identify one skill that would complement and elevate what you do and then…
– Take class or join a workshop (in person or online).
– Find a mentor.
– Hold an informal meeting with some colleagues or friends and exchange experiences and tips.
Hit the library, get all the books you can find about it, and then make your favorite kind of infused beverage and dive into it.

For example, learn how to access and interpret your website stats, take the awkward out of networking, or set up a client database.

Can I give you a lift?

If there is a type of group or profession you’d like to connect with, or a topic you’d want to explore in a workshop, let me know and I’ll give what I can.

Download your May focus wallpaper.

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