Nesting Season: Time to find your niche.

The height of Spring marks the peak of nesting season for most birds on the continent. That seems like an excellent time to find just the right spot for your business in its ecosystem, too!

What is the Nesting Season session?

A dedicated one-hour Skype session to help you find, evaluate, and validate your niche, address any hesitations you may feel around committing to it, and (most importantly!) clarify how you can leverage your niche to bring more ease and success to your marketing.

Before we get on Skype, I will also send you a worksheet package to help you get super focused for our session, and to refer back to whenever you need it.

How do I know if this is for me?

Maybe you have an inkling that having a niche would be good for your business, but you are not sure where exactly you’d be comfortable.

Maybe you have found your niche already, but it’s not clear to you how you can leverage it to grow your practice.

Maybe you are worried about limiting your practice, or excluding people you could – and would want to serve.

In the session, I can work with you to make sure your niche is comfortable, flexible, inclusive, and totally suitable for you at this time.

Even more important, I will show you can do to really thrive in your niche. Finding it is only the beginning!

Tell me how having a niche makes my marketing easier!

In a nutshell, having a great niche gives you a place from where to build relationships and alliances, inspires word-of-mouth, and makes it easier for people to choose you. There’s much more to be said for niches – email me if you are curious!

What’s my investment?

$100.00. Not $97, not $99, and definitely not $99.99. An elegant, simple $100.

When and how can I book this session?

Anytime between now and June 15th. Simply let me know what days and times are typically good for you, and I will be in touch with appointments to choose from. Here’s the link to my contact form.

I can’t wait to see what you’ll hatch!

And now: meet the California thrasher!

Wondering what’s up with the bird metaphor? Well, let me share this with you: The word niche comes from the Middle French nicher, which means to nest. In the context of ecology, the term niche was coined by field biologist Joseph Grinell in 1917 in his paper with the intriguing title “The Niche Relationships of the California Thrasher.” Contrary to the images my German brain conjured up, a California thrasher is a pretty bland-looking little bird. There you have it.

{Photo by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr.}

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