Fresh & Honest Marketing Insights

lightbox newsletterAbout once a month, I send out an email with fresh and honest marketing insights to my community and I would love for you to receive them, too.

My ambitions are these:

To share original, actionable marketing ideas with you that are relevant and effective for holistic healthcare providers

To point you to resources that help you bring more ease to your marketing.

To help you uncover the deeper strategies and intentions, and to develop your very own marketing style and plan that suits your strengths, your budget, and your personality.

No generic advice, no obnoxious sales pitches, no information overload.

I pour a lot of time and thought into every newsletter, and I pay attention to the yamas and niyamas of marketing.

Here’s what others thought about my dispatches:

“I love your writing – so clear, positive, and actionable! And I like that this is never salesy, fear-based marketing. It always feels authentic, and you certainly know your community very well.” – Teresa Nicola, Qoya Instructor

“I really enjoy and appreciate these emails – they help me to keep thinking about marketing in a fresh and more authentic way.” – Moline

“Love it!! Totally straight forward and simple to implement.” – Kris


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