Make marketing come more naturally in 2015.

terrarium-400-2 I absolutely agree that your work has the potential to make life better for just about everybody. And if you want to keep your practice inclusive and varied, I’m completely on board with that.

The thing is though, marketing to everybody is almost always exhausting, usually ineffective, and often pretty darn expensive.

If you want connect with everybody, where do you invest your time, energy, and money? And what could you say or show that would compel everybody to work with you?

I think there really are no good answers to those questions as long as we’re talking about everybody.

But I’ve found that when we focus and get clear about our niche, those answers come naturally.

And also:

• People in your community find themselves refer people they care about to you more often and more easily, because now it’s so much more obvious how your work relates to desires or problems their friends/coworkers/neighbors might mention in a conversation.

• Reaching out to new allies feels more natural, less like “networking” because now you already have something meaningful in common (allies could be, for example, other professionals and businesses for whom it would make sense to refer their clients to you, or to join forces with you in some fashion).

• You’ll invest your time, energy, and money more effectively (and that can mean less investment overall, if you like) because you know where to show up locally and online to connect with your community – and how to tell them about your work in a way that resonates, that speaks to what matters to them, and that helps them decide whether you are the right choice for them.

And you don’t have to revamp your entire business, or start turning people away, or set your niche in stone for all eternity.


So, let’s map this out together.

I have put together a one-on-one consulting package to help you identify a niche that makes sense for you, try it on for size, and map out how you can leverage it in 2015.

I know there are a lot of self-study courses and ebooks on finding your niche out there and I’m sure many of those are great; I just wanted to offer this format as a more hands-on, supported, and personalized way to go about it, one that gives you a practical roadmap for making the most of your niche once you’ve found one you like.

Here’s how it works:

We get together for a 2.5 hour intensive (including a short break for a snack or walk around the block) and…

• Identify a niche that suits your strengths and skills, your interests and your intentions for your business.

• Map out how you can build on that niche to bring more ease and success (as defined by you) to your business in 2015. Think big picture strategy + concrete action items.

Plan an experiment – a way for you to test the waters, get real-world feedback and results, and confirm that this niche is right for you before you settle in for a while.

After one month, we’ll connect again to look at the insights you gained in your experiment, address any follow-up questions or challenges that came up, make sure the next step is super clear, and celebrate your accomplishments (classic martinis optional).

Your investment would be $265.

If you’d like to get your niche exploration on the calendar…

Simply let me know by January 10, and we can find a date and time for the intensive that works for you.

Maybe you have these questions:

Do I have to be in Portland for the intensive?
No. We’ll connect via Google Hangout or Skype, so you can really be anywhere. If you happen to be in Portland this winter and would like to meet in person, great! Please let me know when you fill out my short contact form.

Do you think I’ll actually be able to make this plan happen? Will I need to redesign my website / write a bunch of new copy / learn a new tool / do anything else that might take a ton of time or money?
I think you’ll do great. There are many ways to go about leveraging a niche, and my job is to guide you on the one that will best work for your strengths, skill set, and budget. Of course, there will be work and effort involved for you, but we’ll make it doable and worthwhile.

What do you mean by niche? Is it the same as specialty?
I like this definition, drawing from the field of ecology: It’s a place in your ecosystem where your business can thrive and be of service to its community.

You have a great niche when people you’d love to connect with in your business (client, allies, employees, partners, etc) get what you do and what you stand for, and find that it matters to them. A specialty can be a good starting point, but it’s by far not the only option.


I’d love to help you kick off the new year with more ease and focus.

If you’d like to talk more, just follow this link to my simple contact form. And either way: Cheers to 2015!

(Photo by Jeff Sheldon.)