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I’m glad you found your way here! In case we’ve never met before, my name is Andrea and I’m all about helping holistic health practitioners and other kale lovers be successful and comfortable with their marketing.

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Marketing Trail Map FAQ

What is a marketing trail map

A marketing trail map is a plan that approaches marketing more like a hike than a highway. It’s about charting your own course, traveling light, and enjoying the scenery along the way. Its purpose is to compel you to take action, and to help you do it confidently and successfully. If you want your marketing to be simple, effective, and authentic, you want a marketing trail map.

What will I learn?

We’ll cover all the essentials you need to draft your own marketing trail map. You will learn how to…

  • clarify your vision
  • develop your brand
  • find your niche
  • choose your strategies
  • pick the right tools

I also packed in a special rest stop section on abundance, and a handy list of questions to help you get unstuck (just in case).

I have questions / comments / suggestions! Where to?

I definitely want to hear them! Please send them my way through my contact form.

“I used to be clueless, and shy, about marketing. Andrea has been vital in getting my yoga business going by guiding me through the process of developing my brand and my network. Not only has she been an extraordinary help for my business, but also for my confidence. Now I keep thinking of new and different ways I would like to expand. I highly recommend her!”

~ Kimi, yoga teacher~