PULSE Innovators & collaborators: Wesley Burden

Two more days to go until PULSE means one more chance to introduce you to another innovator and collaborator you’ll meet there: Wesley Burden, a musician and LMT who fuses insights from both these areas of expertise and passion in his practice.

How do you see your role in holistic healthcare?

Helping to increase body awareness with those I work with & provide stress reduction for both mind & body.

In what area(s) do you find we need more innovation or collaboration?

Between introverts & extroverts 😉

Idea people and business people.

I see some, and would like to see more collaboration between health care practitioners to create a holistic approach in meeting client needs.

Are there any emerging trends or new ideas in healthcare that fuel your optimism?

My perception is that a paradox exists – alternative healthcare methods continue to gain in popularity, while at the same time, the voice of the pharmaceutical industry only grows more loudly. And yet recent announcements by major food corporations regarding ingredients & additives might possibly suggest growing consumer awareness & demand for healthier food products / lifestyle.

What are you creating in your own business right now?

I’ve developed a sound therapy system which I use in my massage practice, called SomaWave Therapy. This includes an app for the iPad which delivers low frequency sound waves for additional relaxation & healing.

How can other PULSE participants support your work and your vision? What resources or connections would you welcome?

Introduce yourself & come by for a sound session / massage demonstration.

I’d also like to explore how sound therapy might benefit individuals dealing with PTSD, bipolar & anxiety disorders, ADHD, & high stress lifestyles.

Do you have any questions for the PULSE community?

I’m returning to Portland after being gone a number of years. I’d love to meet you & see how we might collaborate!

Many thanks!

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