One revitalization strategy for stagnant marketing.

Sometimes marketing becomes stagnant. It might take just a few months, or several years, or start out that way. It feels heavy, awkward, impossible. Things aren’t moving forward, or connecting.

If that is what’s happening in your practice right now – or ever – please know that this is completely normal. It doesn’t mean you are doing marketing wrong.

And also know that there are strategies you can use to revitalize your marketing.

The question is, which strategies are right for the type of stagnation you are facing right now. Because there are a few different ones.

In this post, I’ll introduce just one – clutter.

The most common symptoms include:

– Looooong to do lists.

– Post-it notes and reminders on your phone and on your calendar and another notebook and a Google doc and that Evernote note and your patient database and a spreadsheet and that other app.

Underneath that clutter, there are often these root causes:

1. Lack of clarity & priorities.

Not sure what matters most, what deserves your time and attention, and what comes first? This can lead to shiny object syndrome. Whenever someone tells you (directly or perhaps via a blog or book) that “you should totally do x”, it goes on your agenda – which then becomes so big and bloated that you’d rather not even look at it. You’ll know you won’t get to its end in a day, so why even start.

2. Lack of a simple system.

Even when you have a good idea of what matters, it’s exhausting to keep up with information in all these different places. You’ll spend time looking for the pieces, remembering where you put it, deleting duplicate entries and so on.

Let’s look at two simple and effective revitalization strategies

1. Pretty obvious, but not that easy: Setting priorities. You need to figure out what matters to you when it comes to marketing, what works, and in what sequence your actions make the most sense. And then trust your choices.

A good place to start is to ask yourself: If you could pursue only one marketing avenue for the next six months, which one would you choose – and why?

And the other: to set up a simple system. If you’d like to see how I organize my marketing planning and action items, let me know.

And I’d also be happy to help you prioritize. Especially as a solo practitioner, it’s one of the best things you can do to bring more ease to your marketing – and results, too.

More on the other to stagnation types and matching revitalization strategies soon! (Or ask me now, if you don’t want to wait.)

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